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The El Paso Times reported this morning 2013-Oct-18

ACC altering bowl lineup


The El Paso Times reported this morning and the DP confirmed that the conference and bowl have agreed to a fouryear partnership from 201013. The Sun Bowl will have the fifth ACC selection and will pair that team against the No. 4 squad from the Pacific 10.


North Carolina http://www.nikechargersauthenticjerseys.com/Authentic-Nick-Novak-Jersey/ in 1994 and Maryland in 1984 are the only ACC teams in the last Nick Novak Black Jersey 25 years to play in the Sun Bowl. The ACC replaces a Big 12Big East combination that has sent a team to the bowl since 2006.


Most bowlconference contracts run in a fouryear cycle that expires after this season. The ACC has nine Chargers Nick Novak Jersey bowl affiliations for 2009 Authentic Nick Novak Jersey and with negotiations pending, it's uncertain which will be dropped in favor of the Sun.


Geographically, the most logical would be the San Franciscobased Emerald Bowl. Georgia Tech, Florida State, Maryland and Miami have represented the ACC there since 2005, and none took more than a smattering of fans.

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Ari Fleischer says Ryan Braun needs to 'bare his soul2013-Oct-18

Ari Fleischer says Ryan Braun needs to 'bare his soul


Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer advised Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals when the former slugger needed a strategy to admit publicly that he used steroids.


Fleischer, who heads Ari Fleischer Sports Communications, was hired for a time by Tiger Woods after Woods private life became international news. Fleischer was used by the Packers in 2008 when they were dealing with the messy departure of quarterback Brett Favre.


So when Fleischer (left) called on Wednesday to talk about Brewers slugger Ryan Braun and how Braun might draw a map that could lead him back to some level of respectability, I was more than a little curious about his suggestions.


On Tuesday, this blog offered a sampling of opinion about what Braun needs to do next, the path he needs to walk, in order to restore his good name, if that is even possible.


say this as somebody who does not know him, doesn know his personality and that a very important starting point, because anything somebody does they have to do with credibility, Fleischer said. his case, that has become a much higher hurdle. It very Corey Liuget Black Jersey hard in the pr world to come up to the plate when you have two strikes against you. was suspended by Major League Baseball this season because of his connections to the Biogenesis clinic and performanceenhancing drugs.


are three parts to it, Fleischer said about what Braun should do. is a full mea culpa now, like Mark McGwire did. He has to bare his soul, explain he messed up. But it has to be heartfelt and he has to mean it. It can be mouthed. It can be somebody else creation. It has to be genuine or fans and reporters are going to see right through it.


he were a client, I would really work him over to make that assessment, Fleischer said. they just can pull it off, because they are too arrogant or because they don believe it, then I would say you don have a way back. two in his plan is a little easier.


away, Fleischer said. lay low. Go away. Accept your punishment. part three, back and get hot, Fleischer said. let your bat do the talking. demonstrating he can play at a high level without PEDs, then Braun urge people not to make http://www.nikechargersauthenticjerseys.com/Authentic-Corey-Liuget-Jersey/ the same mistake he did.


Fleischer said people are more willing to forgive the transgressions of sports figures than politicians.


are interested in sports stars because they want to watch their games on the field, he said. still have not given up hope, although it become harder every day, to see elected officials in a higher and better light. We expect more from elected officials than Authentic Corey Liuget Jersey we do from a 23yearold jock. So if an athlete lets us down for a personal transgression, none of us likes it. But we are willing to forgive. America is a very forgiving place for those who earn it and deserve it and for those who are sincere. credit: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photo files)


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Braun's already Corey Liuget Jersey White got his money; his contract is guaranteed. He most likely will never get in the Hall of Fame. So why would he ever want to "bare his soul?" He's got nothing to gain by doing so. He should just play out his contract and go settle somewhere in the Bahama's with his millions. Why put up with the grief of so many people despising you?

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Bishop savors his blitz opportunities2013-Oct-18

Bishop savors his blitz opportunities


And he's pretty good at it, too.


As the team leader in sacks with four, Bishop wouldn't mind being given more opportunities. But he also knows teammate Clay Matthews is the one who gets first consideration.


"I'm a pretty solid blitzer," Bishop said. "I joke around with Clay a lot and sometimes when I get a good move I tell him to take notes. But he's a phenomenal player and I truly believe if a team slacks off and thinks he's fallen off, he can get six sacks in a game.


"It's only a matter of time before he finds his way to get to the quarterback a little bit more."


Bishop got his fourth sack Sunday against San Diego on a blitz off the edge. He sometimes gets to rush from Matthews' side when coordinator Dom Capers moves Matthews around.


He would like to offer his services to help take pressure off Matthews, but he understands there's a team element to the game and he has other responsibilities. On Sunday, for instance, he got stuck covering tight end Antonio Gates a good number of times.


"I would like to, of course, I would," Bishop said. "I'd like to go, 'Blitz me a lot more.' But team first. So whatever way he feels it is for our defense Donald Butler Youth Jersey to go then I'm going to embrace it."


Bishop said he hopes his opportunities to blitz off the edge are increased because he feels he's more effective doing that than blitzing up the middle. He got a lot of opportunities to blitz against the Chargers, but his only sack came when he got a shot from the outside. Friends want to check in on the Packers linebacker.


"And I can't even answer," Zombo said. "I dreaded today to even come in and talk about it. I just can't talk about these injuries anymore. . It's frustrating. It's just taken its toll. I just have to be mentally tough and pull through it."


A third injury this season struck Zombo in the Packers' 4538 win at San Diego. This one, a left hamstring injury, should just keep him out one game. No surgery is required. Not that he's breathing a sigh of relief or anything.


Surrounded by media members Tuesday, he expressed his frustration. This one's a mental battle more than anything.


After suffering a broken scapula and hyperextended knee, Zombo has played http://www.nikechargersauthenticjerseys.com/Authentic-Donald-Butler-Jersey/ just 52 snaps this season. He didn't discount the notion that the hamstring injury is somehow connected to the knee injury.


"A lot of things could have contributed to it a long plane ride, coming out of halftime, a lot of things went through my head as to why this happened," Zombo said. "Why is this happening to me? I'm not someone who drinks during the season or anything like that. Am I living wrong? I try to get good sleep. I try to do everything right. It's just an unlucky time I guess."


Zombo said he injured his hamstring chasing a receiver early in the third quarter.


"I broke my scapula and I played through that," Zombo said. "I sprained my PCL and I played through that. Donald Butler Black Jersey I hyperextended my knee and played through that. When I hurt that hamstring, I said, 'There's no way I'm playing through this.' They hurt really bad and it disables your whole leg."


Echoing what he said last week, Zombo said he "feels like apologizing" to coaches for these injuries. He's starting to wonder how they will affect his status.


"It's fun to play on this team and in this league," Zombo said. "That's why I'm starting to get scared. Are my chances running out on me? I'm trying to stay as long as I can. Little things are just keeping me away from it."


Jones stays patient


There hadn't been a ball thrown his way all game. But that's how this offense operates, James Jones said. On his one target, a 21yard touchdown, the Packers wideout needed to Chargers Donald Butler Jersey be ready.


Quarterback Aaron Rodgers changed a run call at the line and Jones' hitchandgo left San Diego's Marcus Gilchrist in his shadow.


"They were jumping on hitches all game and I was able to get behind him and make a play," Jones said.


Jones has maximized his opportunities, catching 20 passes for 347 yards. He's caught four touchdown passes in his last five games.


"This offense is, you just have to be ready when your time comes," Jones said. "There are a lot of weapons on this team. You never know when you're going to get an opportunity."The Packers have brought back offensive tackle Chris Campbell, signing him to their practice squad Tuesday.


Campbell, who was on the practice squad for 15 games last season, was in training camp this summer but injured his knee in the intrasquad scrimmage and did not practice again. He was released Sept. 3.

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Bombers' interim GM won't be outworked2013-Oct-18

Bombers' interim GM won't be outworked


Walters, of course, is the man the Winnipeg Blue Bombers entrusted just last Tuesday to take over from the recently deposed Joe Mack as the team's interim general manager.


Walters has been a tad busy ever since. In what Bombers head coach Tim Burke revealed earlier this week has been a very deliberate shift in frontoffice philosophy in Winnipeg, Walters has been scouring the continent and burning up the phone lines in a bid to find some help for his floundering 16 football team.


The moves Walters has made so far have been modest. He brought in a castoff kicker and defensive back and the offensive coordinator has been replaced by unanimous consent.


But while that might not seem like much bringing in another placekicker on this team is like shining the brass bell on a sinking ship it's a veritable torrent of activity when you compare it with the 'standpat' philosophy that marked the fouryear reign of Mack, a man who was allergic to free agents and talked to his fellow CFL GMs about as often as you do.


In http://www.nikechargersauthenticjerseys.com/Authentic-Melvin-Ingram-Jersey/ stark contrast with his predecessor, Walters said in an interview Wednesday that he made his first order of business last week to call up every GM in Canada and tell them Winnipeg is listening again.


"I don't know that there needed to be fencemending, but certainly I made a point to touch base with everybody," said Walters. "I have fairly good relationships with the guys in all the organizations and I reached out to everybody and said, 'Hey, this is what's going on here and is there anything you need to talk about?'


"I've reached out and I think I have a very good working relationship with all the organizations."


Walters has also, apparently, vowed not be outworked by anyone in the league. Take this week, for instance Walters is using the upcoming Bombers trip to Guelph, where they play the Hamilton TigerCats this Saturday, as a chance to also get some important Canadian university scouting done.


Listen to this itinerary: "Since I'm travelling with the team to Guelph anyway, I want to get maximum value for us," said Walters. "So I'm hitting Windsor, Western, McMaster training camps. And then the OUA starts on Sunday, so I'm going to hit the GuelphLaurier game and the McMasterOttawa game."


Walters said he will stage similar companion CIS scouting missions next week when the Bombers travel to Regina for the annual Labour Day Classic, and for the rest of the season.


Walters said he is operating the general manager's office at Investors Group Field on one simple mantra. "Every day I say to myself: 'How are we going to make this team better today? What am I going to do help us get better today and set the foundation for the long term.'


"That's all I'm worried about, getting a little bit better every day."


That slow, incremental approach to improvement might not be what frustrated Bombers fans right now they want the second coming of Peyton Manning, not the fifth reincarnation of Sandro DeAngelis.


But Walters said there's a reason home runs happen in baseball, not football. "Everybody wants the same thing, but there's no quick fix," Melvin Ingram Youth Jersey he said. "It's very rare in midseason that someone shows up with the white hat on and gets things turned around miraculously. talent that's being let loose right now as NFL teams finalize rosters.


Veteran Bombers slotback Terrence Edwards pointed out on Wednesday that just because someone got released by one club, doesn't mean they cannot make a contribution to another.


"If that was the philosophy around here when I came into the league," noted Edwards, "I wouldn't be in Winnipeg myself."


The Bombers, of course, signed Edwards in 2007 after he was released by the Montreal Alouettes and the 34yearold Georgian has gone on to record an eyepopping five 1,000yard seasons in his sixplus seasons in Winnipeg.


"There's lots of good players in this league who've gotten released," Melvin Ingram Black Jersey said Edwards. "Just because they got released doesn't mean they're not good."


It is Walters' job to find the diamonds in all that rough and he has that job at an extraordinary time in the league's history, with a dispersal draft coming at the end of this season to facilitate the reentry of Ottawa into the league next year as well as negotiations underway on a new collective bargaining agreement with the CFL players.


And, for the first time in a long time, the sign on the door of the Bombers Melvin Ingram Jersey White general manager said Open for business.

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Brandon Marshall says Jay Cutler is2013-Oct-18

Brandon Marshall says Jay Cutler is


Cutler was asked Thursday about the recent comments former quarterbacks Terry Bradshaw and Phil Simms made about him on television. Bradshaw was critical and pretty personal with his critique, while Simms described Cutler as mean, but in a good, passionate light.


"I Authentic Robert Meachem Jersey get it," Marshall said not long after Cutler's press conference ended with Chicago media. "I think Jay says it best: Where we are today with the technology and all the competition look today, with so many news outlets [here at Halas Hall] [there's] so much competition to sell papers or have better ratings, http://www.nikechargersauthenticjerseys.com/Authentic-Robert-Meachem-Jersey/ sometimes you have to get some of the juicy stories.


"The negative stuff unfortunately sells. Sex sells. That's just where we are in our society today. So Jay is Chargers Robert Meachem Jersey an easy target because he plays with his emotions on his sleeve. I think he's misunderstood."


Marshall said he's tired talking about Cutler and the scrutiny he's always under.


"I can't wait to see, when it's all said and done, the legacy he leaves behind and how the stories are going to be written differently," Marshall said. "So I'm excited about where we are today. But Robert Meachem Jersey White we have a long way to go. When it's all said and done, shortterm, I'm going to sit back and that's when I'm going to pick up the papers and watch the news and see how they're talking about Jay Cutler and the Bears.

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